I have 2 beautiful Filet Mignon steaks that I always cook on a outdoor grill. It just started pouring rain outside. What's the best way to co

  • Posted by: Boltman
  • January 2, 2012


Anitalectric January 3, 2012
Everyone has a broiler in their oven and I must say it is the most underrated kitchen tool. All through the winter I get my BBQ grill fix from seitan kebabs, marinated portabella mushroom caps, and winter vegetables cooked under the broiler. Just remember to check/turn frequently and keep a brush with a bowl of oil or sauce ready to baste.

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Sam1148 January 2, 2012
Quickly sear the outside on a cast iron (or oven proof pan on the stove top). Then place in a 375 oven for 5 mins (depending on the doneness you like).
Remove and let them rest.
If you like a sauce--and a pan fried steak works well with a sauce. Pickled green peppercorns in the pan, deglaze with wine, add cream, thicken and finish with some stone ground mustard....and salt to correct seasoning.

Speaking of Salt....Remove the steaks now and salt. Let rest for at least 45 mins. After 45 mins the salt retracts into the meat with the moisture it brought to the surface, tho you still need to dry up some moisture with a paper towel before frying/grilling.
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