What is quinoa and how do you cook it?

  • Posted by: kgw1
  • January 4, 2012


Carebearcp January 4, 2012
a lot of people think of quinoa like rice, but some say it's a little healthier. it's more round than rice but pretty much cooks the same. just throwing some veggies into it is great but it's also great with tofu or chicken.... just like rice. it comes in many types.
hrosdail January 4, 2012
I also just looked through my January Bon appetit and there are quite a few quinoa recipes if you want to check that out. The fennel one looks yummy!
susan G. January 4, 2012
Here's an all quinoa site: http://www.cookingquinoa.net/
Good recipes and information.
http://www.cookingquinoa.net/ is a supplier site,
http://www.rwood.com/ -- this is Rebecca Wood's site, a good place to learn about the 'other' grains, and she has an excellent cookbook, and more.
Strictly speaking, quinoa is considered a seed rather than a grain, but it cooks and acts like one.
On reason I love it is that it cooks quickly, about 15 minutes after coming to a boil, so you can start the quinoa cooking, make the rest of the meal and have it all on the table together. For me, one cup will fill a one quart pot when it is done, so it's good for leftovers too.
hrosdail January 4, 2012
I cooked mine with garlic and Swiss chard. I haven't made much, but from what I understand, it picks up any flavors you add really well.
Pombachi January 4, 2012
Quinoa (Keen-Wha) is a grain which is considered a complete protein. Great for vegans and vegetarians. To cook quinoa, you can make either savory or sweet quinoas (simple summer salad, savory winter dish, use as a stuffing, or a breakfast quinoa).
To cook quinoa the general rule of thumb is 2:1. So if you have 1 cup of dry quinoa to cook, you will need 2 cups of milk or water to cook the quinoa in. Keep in mind that any amount of dry quinoa will double, so if you start with 1/2 cup of dry quinoa, you will end up with at least 1 cup of quinoa.
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