Cooking with Quince Paste

I got a 28 ounce can of quince paste at a dollar store and I'm tired of being intimidated with it. I found a loaf cake to make. Any other suggestions for use?



nutcakes January 5, 2012
I guess my dilemma was really the quantity. I've made two loaf cakes so far with diced quince and it came out well (I may post it if I can ever figure out how on this site.) Pie sounds interesting. Maybe apple-membrillo pie with sharp cheddar crust? I'm not sure when I can get to that, cake it so easy. Now that it is open I can use it for small things. I wanted recipes to make a dent in it. I found a recipe for chicken using about 4oz and I can use a it in a pork recipe I know. I'm already thinking of getting another can just to have around. Hey, it's $1
classic C. January 4, 2012
I have also used Quince paste on a toasted baugette with Manchego cheese, crushed Marcona almonds and chives.
Rachel S. January 4, 2012
I love it with sharp cheeses, but I've also sliced it and put it in a tart along with fresh, sliced apples. When baked, it has a thick, liquid consistency but gels again upon cooling and is a neat textural contrast to the apples and crust. Sounds like you have enough quince paste to try a few different things!
VanessaS January 4, 2012
I've made a grilled cheese with it with manchego or aged gouda.
hardlikearmour January 4, 2012
It's great with manchego cheese as part of a tapas menu. I'd consider mixing it with some sliced apples for a pie or crisp.
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