Your Tamarind Chicken recipe calls for 3/4 cup tamarind cooking pulp, but I can only find "Tamarind paste". How much paste do I use?

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1 Comment

Panfusine March 10, 2014
There are 2 types of Tamarind concentrates available, one is the super concentrated (nearly BLACK colored) TAMICON that comes in a yellow plastic bottle and the other brands are the squeezed out pulp which have a much lighter color. Although I've never made this recipe, a standard substitution that I use is about 1/2 the quantity of tamicon for tamarind pulp. Extracting tamarind pulp has a range of tartness depending upon which variety of tamarind pods you use. The Thai variety tends to be fleshier & sweeter (with a lot of seeds within) than the leathery darker Indian variety.
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