And now for the Bottom 100?

Okay, now what was it that disappointed you, scared you or what you flat out hated in 2011?

  • Posted by: pierino
  • January 6, 2012


Midge January 9, 2012
1) Mislabeled seafood. In an investigative story last fall, the Boston Globe found half the seafood they tested was mislabled: v

2) Did anyone watch 60 Minutes last night? How about those Chinese truffles?
vvvanessa January 9, 2012
I've always found red velvet cake to be one of the most vile foods I've ever come across, and last year I learned that there is such a thing as *blue* velvet cake. The images I saw on google made me gag. Ack ack ack.

Also the proliferation of vodkas flavored like "fluffed marshmallow" or whipped cream. Oy.
skittle January 9, 2012
Maybe it's just me, but it really gets under my skin when people go gluten free or dairy free because it's trendy and not for allergen related purposes.
SKK January 9, 2012
This one comes under just plain scary - the expansion of GMO's, now going into alfalfa. Europe is fighting GMO's and the Chinese have issued a study that disproves Monsanto.
pierino January 8, 2012
Good one boulangere!
Hilarybee January 7, 2012
Torrential downpours from April to July, ruining our tomato crops and delaying some crops- like watermelon- until October.

Ammonia treated meats- like the "chicken" used to make chicken patties and nuggets. So gross.

Arcane canning & jamming laws- in states like mine (Ohio) that give a significant advantage to volume producers like Smuckers by charging a hefty tax per volume...up to a couple thousand jars. Then a flat fee applies- meaning I could pay the same in fees to make 1,000 jars as Smuckers pays to make 100,000.
petitbleu January 7, 2012
Tornadoes and long-distance friendships.
boulangere January 7, 2012
Anything ending in the letters -ista.
Nina L. January 6, 2012
Congress caving into the big food companies and declaring pizza a vegetable. Disgraceful.
SKK January 6, 2012
Forgot about that one. I concur.
amysarah January 7, 2012
Especially considering that something like 16 million American children live in homes with extremely low food security and up to half their nutrition comes from school meals...i.e., pizza may be the only 'vegetable' they see all day. 'Disgraceful' is indeed the word.
SKK January 6, 2012
2011 saw the largest Class 1 (i.e. potentially lethal) meat recall in history, involving 36 million pounds of Cargill turkey tainted with multi-drug resistant Salmonella.
The listeria outbreak in cantaloupes was also the deadliest U.S. foodborne illness outbreak in 100 years.
Germany's E. coli outbreak over the summer was also the deadliest on record -- anywhere.

aargersi January 6, 2012
Severe drought and heat in Central Texas ... so difficult for our farmers and ranchers to keep going (many have not) and hella hard time on those of us with backyard gardens. Be Gone La Nina!!!!
pierino January 6, 2012
94. Severe weather damage to crops in the southeast including peanuts, pecans and oranges.

95. Outbreaks of food borne illness from listeria (a really bad one), e-coli and our everyday pal salmonella. Sometimes these have been due to egregious processing plant conditions including some repeat offenders. Stay away from those "triple washed" greens.

96. Seeing Ferran Adria's face on a bottle of Star Olive Oil. That's right out of "Ratatouille".

97. Anne Burrell is beginning to scare me. At times she reminds me of The Bride of Chucky.

98. Evan Kleimann announces that she's closing Angeli in LA. She's an icon.

99. Elevated hair on television chefs. See Anne Burrell, Guy Fieri and many others.

100. Rachael Ray/Guy Fieri's "Celebrity Chef Cookoff". I'd like to see RR in "The Celebrity Pineapple Swallow." That would put "Man Versus Food" to shame.
ChefJune January 6, 2012
creamtea January 6, 2012
Huffpost on AOL. Because I don't care about celebrity break-ups, don't want to hear about grisly discoveries, and detest yellow journalism in general. But that's just me.

(does it have to be food related??)
pierino January 6, 2012
Yeah, it should be food at least tangentially.
Helen's A. January 6, 2012
Two funerals, my sister in law & mother in law... Looking forward to a much better 2012!
creamtea January 6, 2012
so sorry. I wish you and your family much comfort and only good things in the year to come.
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