Electric Stove Top Type

I may be investing in a new electric stove in the near future, and was wondering if anyone can suggest any advantages (or warn of any disadvantages) to getting one with a flat top vs. one with coils? Right now I have a flat-top stove.

Thank you in advance!

  • Posted by: Jr0717
  • February 10, 2017


QueenSashy February 10, 2017
If you are getting a flat top, look into models with burners that can be re-configured. It is a nice thing to have, especially if you will be using very large or very small pots.
Jr0717 February 10, 2017
Hmm...interesting point. I don't know a lot about electric stoves (and have been stubbornly reluctant to learn), but I'll definitely look into that. Thank you!
SKK February 10, 2017
First of all my preference is gas, and not possible where I live. Having had both electric and now flat top. Much prefer flat top and there are some things to be aware of. I am an avid canner, and can't can on flat top because heat fluctuates in order to not burn out the heat source.

The oven is great, better than gas, because it holds heat accurately and I can use convection or regular.

I will never go back to electric coil. And still pray for gas.

Jr0717 February 10, 2017
I am in the same predicament where gas is not available, but far preferred. When I first learned of the lack of gas I was so upset!! My oven doesn't heat evenly, though, hence the quest to replace the unit.
ktr February 11, 2017
What are you using to can now? We are thinking of putting a cheap electric stove in the garage to can on but I'm interested in other options.
Jr0717 February 11, 2017
ktr - I am actually used to a gas stove, but had to adapt to the electric flat top that I have for the time being. I found a really decent-looking Samsung with a flat top that I am pretty sure I'll be purchasing.

In my opinion, though, if you have the option for gas, go with it. I find that I am able to control temperature and flame better, and really I suppose its just a matter of what you grow up with and get used to over a long period of time!
Sam1148 February 10, 2017
Quite a few people think "Flat top" equates with induction cooking.
No, glass tops can have radiant heat coils. I have one and I like it.
Although I hear the induction models approach or surpass gas in control and speed of heating.
Coils while heating up a bit faster...are more difficult to clean and have hot spots.
Jr0717 February 10, 2017
In looking at several models with coils, they look like they may be more difficult to clean. The more research I do, I find that I may stick with a flat-top. Thanks for the input!
ktr February 10, 2017
some flat tops cannot be used for canning, and there is a risk of breaking the glass top if your pot is too heavy (really only an issue if you put a filled large pressure canner on it). I think there might be something you can put over the burner to prevent suction if you want to can on it but I haven't looked into it.
Jr0717 February 10, 2017
Admittedly, I'm not much into canning, so it wouldn't be a huge concern; however, I can see where consideration of the glass top comes into play. I've added it to my pros/cons list of flat top vs. coils - thank you for the help!
Megan H. February 10, 2017
We just replaced our coil top with a flat top and I love it. It's way easier to keep clean and shiny with the proper cleaner. I used to replace the pans at least once a year. I think it heats more evenly and I like that I can choose my pan size when heating a burner. I was initially hesitant with the flat top because I had been told that if I want to can that the coil is better for heating my canner but I haven't found that to be an issue at all. I recommend the flat top.
Megan H. February 10, 2017
by replace the pans I mean the drip pans.
Jr0717 February 10, 2017
Thanks for the input! Do you have a cleaner you prefer? I've been using one specific to flat-top electric stoves, but its mediocre at best.
Megan H. February 11, 2017
I use something called Magic. It's the first one I've tried and it works ok. It goes on like Soft Scrub so it dries and has a little abrasive so I can scrub out the burnt on stuff. It doesn't always do the job and I resort to scraping with a razor blade. Sometimes I miss just replacing the drip pans! But really, it takes more elbow grease to keep clean so far.
Jr0717 February 11, 2017
I see. I've been using Weiman, and its the same situation. I wind up scraping here and there.
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