Cast Iron Skillets on Flat Top Stove?

Trying to detremine if you can use them on a flat top electric stove? I am reading articles that some say yes / some say no? Also, mine was from Cracker Barrel, so bottom has imprinit of their logo and is not truly flat on the bottom.
Help please?



Vince,Colleyacme January 15, 2012
Thank you both.
Louisa January 15, 2012
I have a ceramic flat-top stove, and I do use my cast iron skillet, esp. for frying chicken/making gravy. I've never had a problem and I've had the same stove for 12 years. I also use my le crueset all the time on the ceramic top, and it does fine as well.
My cast iron is not flat on the bottom either--there's a ridge that circles round the bottom edge, which I guess keeps the bottom of the skillet from completely resting on the stove top. So maybe that's a good thing your skillet is not flat-bottomed?
bigpan January 15, 2012
Yes you can, but, bring up to heat slowly (don't put cold pan on hot element) and do not "shake" pan on the stove top - it will scratch the flat top. Be sure to season the pan before first use ... Wash, dry, put 1/8 inch of high temp oil in it (canola - not olive) and put in oven. Turn oven on to 325 and leave for an hour or two. Pour off oil the simply wipe with paper towel.
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