How much salt and pepper per pound of uncooked meat for Swedish meatballs? Please help spice impaired wife not home.

  • Posted by: MarcusV
  • January 6, 2012


Madalvpen January 6, 2012
As a Swede, brought up on meatballs, all I can say is you need more salt than one might think. I would say close to 1 tsp per pound of meat. And the secret to excellent, authentic Swedish meatballs is a pinch of white pepper and a mix of ground beef and ground pork. Good luck!

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bigpan January 6, 2012
Follow what is said above, take a teaspoonful of meat, cook it, taste it, adjust if you think it needs a bit more.
AntoniaJames January 6, 2012
What else are you putting in the meatballs? If there are no salty ingredients, I'd probably go with about 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 3 or 4 good grinds of pepper, per pound of meat, and then season the sauce to taste toward the end of the cooking. ;o)
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