Medium heat

Exactly how hot is medium heat in a frying pan? Just switched to stainless steel and I keep smoking up my kitchen.



petitbleu January 7, 2012
It's all relative. Depends on your stove, your pan, how long you preheated your pan, etc. I think you just have to cook with your new pan until you get the hang of it.
Chef K. January 7, 2012
Depending on your pan, if it has an aluminum layer, it will disperse heat more evenly and quickly than anything else u might have used. So medium for a pan like this would be more like between low and medium on you stove knob. When you get into higher end nicer cook where you should never have to cook with your heat higher than medium on your stove top
madcox January 7, 2012
Depending on what type of oil you're using, I would probably go for number 3 to 4, or just under half way on your knob.
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