When frying - how to keep batter from sticking to the pan?

I was just trying my hand at some home-made fried pork chops. I dredged them in flour and then in a batter of whole wheat flour, egg white, worcestershire sauce, baking powder and some water. When I tried to flip them in the hot oil I found that the fried batter was completely stuck to the pan (steel pan).

Jon W
  • Posted by: Jon W
  • March 20, 2013


inpatskitchen March 20, 2013
So agree with the 3 previous answers..hot oil, enough oil and chilling are key!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 20, 2013
Chilling the frying item in the fridge also helps the coating to adhere. Also, not overcrowding the pan, and like the answers above super hot pan and enough oil.
kitkat March 20, 2013
make sure you have enough oil, as well - not enough won't create the buffer between the food and the pan.
Monita March 20, 2013
That usually happens when the pan isn't hot enough when you first put the pork chop into the pan. It may be that pan was quite hot when you were ready to turn it but it must also be very hot when you lay it in at the beginning
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