De Buyer stainless steel pan confusion

I just recently got my first stainless steel Mineral B frying pan from De Buyer, and while I love cooking with it I do notice it cooks some foods differently. For example raw veggies remain crunchier with the same cooking time than they would on a nonstick pan. Chicken drumsticks take longer to cook through, salmon cooks and bacon crisps in a different way (not complaining about that). It's amazing for scrambled though. I'm just wondering why that is. I can't think of any logical reason but I notice an obvious difference.

Mare Heinluht
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1 Comment

Emily K. September 17, 2020
Hi there! Great question. This might be because this cookware conducts heat very evenly, leaving you with fewer hot spots—and potentially as a result, fewer extra-crispy pieces or ingredients that might be cooked all the way through quickly in some spots, but not in others. I hope that helps!
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