Help With Olive Oil That Got Cloudy! What To Do?.

Had been storing our olive oil in our garage. We buy the Olive Oil in gallon containers from Sam's Club and cook with it all the time. It is NOT extra virgin. Well, it must have gotten too cold in the garage and the olive oil turned cloudy. We brought it inside hoping it would clear up but it did not. What to do? Is it still ok to cook with in the cloudy state? Each gallon container is unopened. Thank you.

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creamtea January 7, 2012
Olive oil turns cloudy when it is chilled. It should be fine. Just bring it to room temp so it's pourable.
jaxcat January 7, 2012
Have you tried heating some of it just a little? Or straining it?
Chef K. January 7, 2012
It is most likely fine, the cold just changed the structure of it a little bit, if you open it and smell it or taste it, you will be able to tell if it has gone rancid, but most likely the cold just effected it, it is like putting a homemade Vin. in the fridge and the oil just gets a little solidified, but it is fine to eat still. I wouldn't fret, all will be well.
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