Can i use panko bread crumbs in turkey meatloaf?

panko bread crumbs

  • Posted by: DNG
  • January 7, 2012


ReneePussman January 8, 2012
For sure! I use panko in my meatloaf instead of regular and I think it makes for a better product. Traditional bread crumbs make for a more dense finished product where panko doesn't. Just be careful with the amount of liquid you add. Different types of bread crumbs will absorb different smounts of liquid do adjust accordingly.
sarahlu January 8, 2012
That sounds awesome. Please try and report back!
jwlucas January 7, 2012
I don't buy anything but panko anymore. When I remember, I grind leftover bread into crumbs and keep them in the freezer.
DNG January 7, 2012

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Chef K. January 7, 2012
ABSOLUTELY!!!!! They will work exactly the same and they might just make it better
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