Baked chicken



My personal secret for juicy chicken breast is to use a thermometer (160-165) in the thickest part of breast... remove from heat immediately, as the chicken will continue to cook.
Another method, when you do not have a thermometer is to watch for when the juices turn from pink to clear.... once again... remove from heat immediately
Yiota January 8, 2012
To keep them moist you can cover with tomato sauce and bake with a little chicken stock in the bottom of the pan. Otherwise I'd cut the chicken into slices or cubes and bake it nestled in flavored rice (tomato sauce or butter/lemon juice/oregano) to retain moisture.
bakerbetty January 8, 2012
I have a few boneless breasts and want to bake them, but nervous about drying them out
jmburns January 8, 2012
I usually don't bake boneless so I use grill pan or george Forman. Pound them out and season and grill. Very moist and versatile as a base for many preparations.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 8, 2012
Glad to try to help, but what's your question about baked chicken?
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