Missing white wine for cod recipe

I'm supposed to be making this for dinner. I just got home and realized that I forgot to pick up the dry white wine and I don't have time to go back out and get some. Suggestions? How do I salvage this? I have white wine vinegar at home fwiw.



Brooklynite April 9, 2021
Update: I followed Nancy's first comment and used half white wine vinegar, half water. It was delicious.

Thanks Nancy!
Brooklynite April 9, 2021
Here's the link to the recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/228319/perfect-ten-baked-cod/
Nancy April 9, 2021
Sounds lovely. On second thought, because the total amount of wine requested was so small (quarter cup), go ahead and replace alll with vinegar. It won't overpower the dish.
Nancy April 9, 2021
Yes, you could use white wine vinegar, another pale vinegar.
But not the same volume as specified for the wine, as it us stronger. Maybe use half as much as the recipe asked for wine. And water or fruit juice for the other half.
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