How do you make flavored mayonnaise

  • Posted by: maw
  • January 8, 2012


cranberry January 9, 2012
I too add ingredients to already-made mayo: sesame oil & soy sauce, pimenton, lemon juice/capers/garlic, bbq sauce, chipotles, pesto, etc. I just add a bit and taste as I go, til I like it. I try to make note of how much I added in the end so I can make it more quickly next time. This is an easy and fun thing to experiment with.
janixes January 9, 2012
Add garlic fresh garlic to the whole-egg mayo process when making your own to make aioli, add pimenton or smoked paprika for a spiced aioli, add lime juice for a similar effect...
If using store bought mayo, Sriracha mayo usingJapanese mayonnaise like the Keeoe brand is pretty awesome, as really simple. Just mix in the amount to taste.
janixes January 9, 2012
I meant Kewpie brand of Japanese mayo :)
ATG117 January 8, 2012
I would add in whatever it is you are flavoring it with after you've made the mayo. Some suggestions I might offer are adding basil oil (or pesto), curry, and siracha. But there are many more options.
Merrill S. January 8, 2012
Do you want to make your own homemade mayonnaise and add flavorings, or are you just looking to flavor store-bought mayo? And what kinds of flavors are you thinking of?
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