Northern Spy Kale Salad- Clarify how to make it the day before- do I just refrigerate after I make it then allow to attain room temp?

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1 Comment

ATG117 January 8, 2012
You can prepare the squash a day in advance and place it in the refrigerator in an airtight container. You can also chop the almonds and place in a zip top bag at room temp. You can even break up the cheese, place it in its own airtight container and refrigerate. And finally, you can assemble the dressing and refrigerate it the day before. I would chop the kale and bring the ingredients to room temp the day of, dress (which you can do a bit in advance since Kale holds up well, though I'd do a half hour max). The truth is, this is a pretty simple recipe so you may not find it too big of a hassle to make the day of, but this would be my suggestion for advance prep.
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