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This afternoon for the first time when I tried to search Newest Recipes, the first recipes coming up are 11 days old such as Northern Kale Salad and the Pumpkin Rugelah that is now being voted on. This did not previously happen. Is there a problem or am I doing something wrong?



susan G. January 19, 2012
mrslarkin, you are clever! I was happy to find it working again today! Well, another lesson in resourcefulness.
mrslarkin January 18, 2012
I found them! Out of curiosity, I clicked on the very last page (pg 26) and there are all the new recipes. They must be loading in backwards for some reason. i'm sure it's a temporary glitch. I sent an note to the editors.
susan G. January 18, 2012
I'm still having the problem getting to new recipes, but here's one back door possibility. You can see what has been added to the contest recipes --
That leaves the non-contest recipes out, but it's something -- I looked at a few that had had zero views, so take a look.
Tarragon January 18, 2012
Ditto what AntoniaJames said. Is happening both on my computer and Ipad.
aargersi January 18, 2012
That was happening to me too - go to settings (on your browser) and clear cookies and temporary files and try again - that fixed it for me
AntoniaJames January 18, 2012
I cleared my cookies and temp files but alas, it did not work. This is just for the information of the FOOD52 team who might be reading this. ;o)
aargersi January 18, 2012
drat, now mine won't work either
Tarragon January 17, 2012
Thanks. Thought it was me but now I see the same thing on my home computer too. Phew!
drbabs January 17, 2012
Looks like it's a glitch. I just noticed the same thing. They must be working on the site. I'm sure it will get worked out.
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