What is the best non-stick skillet?

Think, everyday use by teenagers for fried eggs, quesadillas, veggies sauteed quickly for various quick meals they make for themselves . . . . I know non-stick pans don't last forever, but we'd all like to find one with good even heat, and which will hold up to this kind of constant use. Thank you! ;o)



mpm6228 November 11, 2011
scan pan for sure. just bought one for my twenty something son. Le Creuset is too heavy, not really non stick and the bottom can burn. I love Le Creuset, but don't think its what you want for your purpose.
Summer O. November 11, 2011
I'd have to go with Peter, here we have Lodge and Le Creuset and both are indestructible and fairly non-stick.
Sam1148 November 11, 2011
The T-Fel professional one got the best marks in Cook Illustrated for lower cost pans.
Remember, it's the 'professional" line which according to Amazon reviews can be difficult to find in brick and mortar stores. I ordered one (about 30 bucks I think) and have been very happy with it.
Panfusine November 11, 2011
I have an all clad & a cuisinart non stick which I use only if absolutely necessary . Thanks for the info about the scanpan, the first time I'm hearing about this
McKelly November 11, 2011
I love my old cast iron skillet for all that you mentioned. They come in different sizes, but I find the 2 I have can co it all!
sdebrango November 11, 2011
Thanks for asking this, I have never heard of scan pan went to their website and it sounds impressive. When my current pans are no longer usable i am going to give scan pan a try. That said I have several different types. The have all clad which are very good, but have 2 bodum pans my large covered saute pan by bodum is 15 years old and still going strong. Its too large for everyday use so it doesn't get the wear and tear of my 8 and 10 inch pans but over the years have used it countless times and there is barely a scratch on it.
sdebrango November 11, 2011
Made a mistake its berndes not bodum!!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 11, 2011
I use an an All-Clad non stick and rinse and wipe after eery use - not sure how you're kids are with cleaning up : ), but I've heard like the others for the price Scan is great!
SKK November 11, 2011
What non-stick skillet did you choose, AJ? Have been searching for one.
AntoniaJames November 11, 2011
Actually, I got a small Cuisinart one for the boys' omelets and similar uses, only because it was most convenient at the time. It's held up really well, but I'll probably buy a ScanPan to replace the very large non-stick skillet I use regularly. But now, with sdebrango's recent post, I'll probably investigate bodum as well. Thank you, everyone, for the input!! ;o)
sdebrango November 11, 2011
I am so sorry, I said bodum had french press on the brain its berndes a German brand and its the best. I have one othere piece by berndes and both have lasted for years with virtually no wear and tear.
AlainB August 4, 2010
That's the idea with scanpan, they dont have a coating, just a very special manufacturing product.... They are the only ones I've found with this type of technique.
Peter August 3, 2010
Considering the various health concerns related to the non-stick coatings, maybe the best non-stick pan would be a plain old cast iron one? With constant use it would actually end up having an excellent non-stick surface and they're basically impossible to permanently ruin.
AntoniaJames July 28, 2010
Thank you!! This is great. I had a ScanPan about twenty years ago, which was probably burned to death, a fate that inevitably befalls the less hardy pots, pans and utensils that find their way into my kitchen. I do remember it was a good pan. The technology no doubt has changed over the years, so I look forward to getting another one. Thanks again. ;o)

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AlainB July 28, 2010
I recently purchased a ScanPan skillet and it is rapidly becoming my favorite pan! I got it at Sur La Table, ScanPan is a company from Denmark. The great thing about it is that it isnt coated, which eventually comes off and actually cant handle high heat. Their process (http://www.scanpan.com/greentek) makes the pan non-stick without coating, and it has great heat distribution. I still advice using non-stick utensils, but I think it will stand heavy use by teenagers.
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