How do you stabilize whipped cream to frost a cake?

I am making my own wedding cake, and I have the cake recipe and filling down. But, I am still deciding on frosting--sweetened whipped cream or a simple butter-and-confectioners sugar frosting? Is there any way to incorporate creme fraiche into the frosting?



the R. January 10, 2012
I was given this tip several years ago by a dear "Master Cook", add 1 3 1/2 oz. package instant chocolate pudding to 1 quart of whipping cream, will keep in the refrigerator for SEVERAL days. No need to add sweetener, and doesn't really add a chocolate flavor. Needless to say you would have to calculate for the size of your cake and amount of whipping cream. Works every time.
sdebrango January 9, 2012
Boulangere is so right, a swiss meringue is a great option. I wanted to give you the link to a whipped cream icing that I make its easy to work with and stable
You make a paste by cooking powdered sugar, cornstarch and heavy cream, let it cool and add it while you are whipping the cream. Its really a wonderful icing.
EmilyMcKenna January 9, 2012
Thanks, boulangere. I would love to hear more about the swiss buttercream you mention. I tried one and it was a bit heavy/greasy. Also, how long do you think a whipped cream-frosted cake would stay looking pretty/fresh? I don't need to fuss with piping. I will decorate it with fruit and/or flowers. Thanks!
boulangere January 9, 2012
I'm going to email you my cell #. Please give me a call and I'll talk you through some options here. Well made, Swiss meringue BC is a fantastic icing. There are some tricks, but eminently do-able. Let's talk about your ideas!
boulangere January 9, 2012
Wow, I admire your bravery. The easiest (and most flavorful) way to sweeten and stabilize whipped cream to use on a cake is to add 1 generous tablespoon of confectioner's sugar for each 8 ounces of whipping cream. Whip the cream to the soft peak stage, then add the powdered sugar and continue whipping to medium peak. The action of spreading the whipped cream will further "whip" it. I've made I don't know how many wedding cakes, and the icing I use most often (when not rolled fondant) is Swiss meringue buttercream. It's extremely stable at room temp for easily 4 hours. Are you familiar with it? I'd be glad to send simple directions if you're not. The simple butter and powdered sugar frosting is really the only one here into which you could incorporate creme fraiche. It would, in fact, loosen it up nicely. Otherwise it tends to be sort of mortar-like - difficult to spread easily, and very hard to achieve some nice piping effects. I hope some of this helps you, and hots off to you!
boulangere January 9, 2012
P.S. There is a chemical whipped cream stabilizer you can use, but honestly, it smells like a cross between alfalfa and manure. Not to put too fine a point on it.
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