Trying to replicate a chocolate cake that has a box of pudding in it.

I only want to use REAL ingredients, but I can't seem to get it moist enough. I mean, REALLY moist. I'm already using 8 oz. of sour cream, 3 whole eggs and 3 yolks, 1 1/4 cups of sugar. What else can I do??



LisaCooks January 11, 2012
Fantastic--thanks so much.
(Also, by the way, how about creme fraiche instead of sour cream?)
Droplet January 11, 2012
You could try replacing part of the cocoa powder( if it is in the ingredient list) with melted or grated chocolate. Large amounts of cocoa tend to yield somewhat dry cakes. Sour ream is a great choice since it has a lot more body and fat, and will leave your cake moister than yogurt would because less of it will evaporate. The amount of leavening is also a factor; too much of it can leave your cake dry. Maybe also try brown sugar instead of white and a little bit of fruit puree (like banana for example). Pudding is mostly starch so it naturally retains liquid when it is cooked to a certain temperature; if you want to avoid boxed pudding you could try adding a tablespoon or two of pure starch of your choice, like tapioca for example.
Shalini January 11, 2012
Buttermilk helps too! Or plain yogurt instead, more moisture than sour cream.

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drbabs January 11, 2012
Are you using oil or butter? I think cakes come out moister when you use oil. this recipe makes a really moist cake:
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