Is there a good salt alternative with no MSG for everyday use?



Sam1148 January 11, 2012
There's a product called "True Lime" and "True Lemon".
There's a location button on the site to find where's it's sold near you.
It's very good...sold in little packets, easy to carry with you. I don't really use it as a salt sub, but some people do. It's great in soda water. Natural crystallized lime or lemon juice in a powder form.
I do use it on some salads, but mostly in sodawater, or on chicken, beef, fish. And especially the lime with addition of paprika, ginger powder, white pepper, garlic powder on popcorn.
I recently discovered Coconut Aminos. They are raw, organic, vegan, soy-free, and contain 17 essential amino acids. This product does contain sea salt, but has less sodium than some other liquid aminos, and salt alone.
You can use it as you would soy sauce in recipes for a salty flavor.

You could also consider brewer's yeast since it is salty in flavor. It is also high in amino acids and nutrients. You can use it in small quantities similar to how you would use salt.
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