what can i use in replace of BBQ seasoning? sugar, paprika, hickory salt, chili pepper and spices. It has MSG in it.

The seasoning is so delicious but I want to make it without the MSG but when I purchased the one without the MSG it did not taste good at all? Any suggestions for a BBQ seasoning with a seasoned salty taste without MSG?

Lauren Smith


HalfPint August 22, 2016
I would increase the sugar. MSG is slightly sweet. The Vietnamese word for it literally translates as "sweet powder". And I agree that you might want to increase the salt as well.
Susan W. August 22, 2016
Are you allergic to MSG? That is when it becomes a problem. A sign of that would be a headache after ingesting it. Otherwise, if you really like that spice combo, I'd just use it. It's a flavor enhancer and there really isn't a substitute.

I keep Accent on hand for just a couple of recipes that are simply dull without it. One is a very simple bok choy stir fry and the other is a broccoli stir fry. At times I've forgotten to use it and have noticed a big difference. It wasn't a matter of salt because they both contain a good amount of soy sauce.
foofaraw August 22, 2016
We just use none for when a recipe (usually Asian) called for MSG, or add more of other spices. MSG helps enhance flavour, so adding the amount of spices would help enhance flavour without MSG help.

We usually keep salt the same, or just add if needed afterwards. For BBQ seasoning, I'd taste it a bit to know their level of saltiness, and add salt to my homemade version to make it the same with the seasoning level.

BerryBaby August 22, 2016
MSG was all the rage when I was growing up. People used it on everything including sprinkling it on salad. It was a bit salty to me so I didn't use it much. I have not seen in called for in any recipe that I make.
PHIL August 22, 2016
I think more salt. I don't think people use enough salt when seasoning. i am not sure what you are making but I usually will add black pepper, a little cumin, garlic powder , onion powder, oregano to the mix. that should be plenty of flavor, you don't need MSG.
Lauren S. August 22, 2016
Apologies, I couldn't figure out how to edit my own question. I am looking for an alternative to MSG. I purchased this BBQ seasoning with the ingredients listed about but it also contained MSG which of course gave it a great taste but I do not want to use MSG. What's an MSG alternative that I can use to add into my BBQ blend? Thanks.

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jonakocht August 22, 2016

But why don't you want to use MSG? There is a lot of hype around it being bad, but scientific testing has shown no bad side-effects, and it's likely that it has a negative reputation because it's associated with Asian food and not white people's foods - aka there's some covert racism going on here.

MSG is in fact a naturally occurring substance that is in all sorts of foods, and the kind that is in spice mixes that you're talking about is derived from kelp/seaweed. It's a natural and perfectly safe flavour enhancer. It increases the tongue's perception of glutamic acids, which are the organic compounds that lend us a savoury taste (umami).
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