Can one grind small amounts of amarynth flour from seeds?

Received a lovely gift tonight of many different types of whole grains. Many recipes calling for amarynth use the flour and not the seed, which I have. Can I grind my own flour in small batches?

  • Posted by: jwlucas
  • January 11, 2012


jwlucas January 12, 2012
susan G. January 12, 2012
I have used a small coffee grinder (Braun) to make flax meal and even mustard powder from the seeds. Try it!
SKK January 11, 2012
I have not tried amarynth and have ground my own buckwheat successfully. I first had to roast the grain and then ground it in my Vita-Mix dry container. Am sure a coffee grinder would have worked also. Have had great luck with that making almond flour from nuts.
SKK January 11, 2012
In the coffee grinder. (Praying for the edit function to return on Hotline.)
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