What herb goes well in a sweet potato and beet salad with a citrus dressing?



cranberry January 15, 2012
I agree with trying thyme. That came to mind first when I read your question. I'd love to hear what you try and how it works out as this dish sounds delish.
bigpan January 14, 2012
Parsley leaves!
ATG117 January 14, 2012
I'd go with parsley if it's not a cooked dish.
anticiplate January 14, 2012
tarragon . I love that anise flavor with the beets and citrus.
the P. January 14, 2012
how about dill? i also find that parsley goes with just about everything.
japanesecurry January 14, 2012
My best guess is cilantro, or maybe some dill.

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susan G. January 14, 2012
I'm 'tasting' thyme, especially if you have lots of onions with it.
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