I need a quick and easy guacamole recipe!



Katie,Schissell January 14, 2012
Fresh hauss avocados, cilantro, red onion finely chopped, tomatoes a little salt, lime juice and garlic powder.. Guacamole is so easy to make and can be easily adapted to your tastes..
creamtea January 14, 2012
Try mine!
susan G. January 14, 2012
Easiest: Mash an avocado, stir in a good uncooked salsa (I like Drew's). Squeeze lime if you have it. That's it.
the P. January 14, 2012
one avocado, one clove garlic, finely minced; juice of one lime; hefty pinch salt. if your'e feeling fancy, a tbsp chopped cilantro and/or minced fresh jalapeno. mix/mash all.
nutcakes January 14, 2012
Guacamole is easy. Mash your avocados with salt and lime juice. I like a rough mash, not completely creamy. Add minely minced white, red or even sliced green onion. I we always add some Ortega canned green chiles. It is all to taste. Optionally top with diced tomato. I prefer to omit any seasoning, like cumin or chile powder so as to let the flavor of the avocado be the star. And never sour cream.
jmburns January 14, 2012
We keep it simple. Avocado squeeze of lemon tomato (or pico) chopped red onion ground pepper to taste. Should be creamy if it is ripe enough.
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