Should I rinse the extra salt and sugar from the pork shoulder(Bo Ssam Miracle, NYTs recipe) before I put it in the oven? Thanks

  • Posted by: MAP
  • January 15, 2012


pierino January 15, 2012
Interesting question. I read the recipe myself this morning but I haven't worked with it yet. And I'm crazy about Korean cooking. I'm betting that LLStone has the right aswer here. I've never seen a recipe that required you to "rinse" salt before cooking. Scraping off salt after something has already been baked in it is different.
LLStone January 15, 2012
Per the Momofuku cookbook, you rub the pork with the salt / sugar mixture and discard any excess. Cover and refrigerate for 6-12 hours. After removing pork from refrigerator, you discard any juices and put in the oven. You don't rinse the meat.
LLStone January 15, 2012
The rub of salt / sugar will give the pork the salty caramel crust that the NYT article references. Gosh, if I wasn't allergic to pork I'd be making this tonight - it looks so good.
savorytart January 15, 2012
thanks - i questioned that as well this morning
SallyBroff January 15, 2012
Ally April 7, 2018
I still need to know how long the salt/sugar needs to be rubbed in. And how much excess needs to be brushed off or discarded before putting in the fridge.
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