Process granulated sugar in food processor to make superfine sugar?

Superfine sugar question



SKK January 16, 2012
I am with Nessa and The Spiced Life. Purchasing superfine sugar is a waste of money when you can just use your food processer. Been doing it for years at the recommendation of a bakery owner.
The S. January 16, 2012
Same as what Nessa said. I never buy superfine sugar and I bake with it a lot.
Nessa January 15, 2012
I've done it in the food processor with perfect results. Pulse about 5 times and then just hit the "on" button and let her rip for about 3 minutes.
bigpan January 15, 2012
Yes it will work -to a point. You will have better luck with a clean coffee/spice grinder. The very best is to hop in the car and .....
mrslarkin January 15, 2012
yes I think it will work. give it a shot!
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