What to make with vanilla sugar

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DeborahBetty March 3, 2017
Been caught without in my pantry. I tried putting fresh beans (2) & 3 cups of sugar in blender. Giving it a whirl then letting it sit for several hours before using. Seems to work ok when in a bind.
Diana B. June 20, 2012
I made a fruit galette last week with vanilla sugar in the dough and sprinkled on the top before baking. The main fruit I used was peaches, which go so well with vanilla - it was out of this world!
Reiney June 20, 2012
You can use vanilla sugar in place of regular white sugar in just about anything. It can come out with a very strong vanilla taste, though, so cut back on or don't use extract/beans in a recipe. This weekend I made a simple syrup out of vanilla sugar, ginger and kaffir lime and the vanilla completely overwhelmed the other ingredients!

It's also good for things like: porridge, bruleeing fruit, cocktail syrup, making caramels, etc.

Side note: don't buy it, just start making it with the dried discarded vanilla beans you accumulate. Store the beans with sugar in a glass jar and top up white sugar/beans as necessary.
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