Chicken "tagine" and I forgot the carrots

I put a chicken tagine of sorts in our slow cooker this morning, and since this was the end of a three-day weekend, I was not my best self, and I forgot to put the carrots in. Let me say that one of the points of making this recipe was that I wanted to use up a bunch of carrots that came in our CSA box. Can I roast the carrots with some of the same spices and toss them into the stew...? Cut them fairly small and cook them in the stew even though it would mean cooking the stew for longer? Forget about it and do something else with the carrots?



Sam1148 January 17, 2012
I kinda like the carrots cooked separately for a long stew. They have more texture. If I was using a crock pot, I'd only add the meat at the first cooking...and then add the veggies at the end like you're doing so they don't disintegrate.
MTMitchell January 17, 2012
Excellent!! I will roast them and toss them in and probably do the salad as well. Glad it will work. I was all proud of myself for coming up with a way to use stuff up!
Greenstuff January 17, 2012
Of course! That will work great. And if you'd like to use up even more carrots, make a Moroccan carrot salad as another dish on the side.
boulangere January 17, 2012
Yes, absolutely. Roast them separately and toss them in at the end. Tell no one, it can be our little secret. No one will ever know, and life will go on!
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