Best way to store little organic carrots?

I got a delivery from my CSA of the smallish, narrow carrots and popped them in my fridge, thinking they'd last a good long time like normal carrots, but less then one week later, they're all wilted and sad. Is there a better way to store this kind of carrot, or should I just plan to use them up quickly?

  • Posted by: Kanom
  • July 16, 2013


karen06 July 17, 2013
I had the same thing happen to me - forgot the beautiful carrots at the back of the crisper with greens attached. I just peeled the limp carrots and added to a stew. While it was a waste of the great organic produce, at least i did not have to throw tjem out. The greens were thrown out however.
Kanom July 17, 2013
Thanks for the tip! I've now googled "cutting green tops off carrots" and the mystery is solved. Love learning new stuff. Rebecca, I'll try rehydrating last week's bunch to see if they can be salvaged, and I hope to keep this week's bunch happier and healthier. Didn't have a particular time frame in mind, it's just that I count on carrots being the item that I can forget about for a little while while I figure out what to do with the more perishable goodies....
susan G. July 17, 2013
If they have their tops (the green feathery leaves), cut them off.
Rebecca V. July 16, 2013
Hi Kanom-- Carrots do get sad, don't they? Totally know what you mean. For regular carrots, I keep them in the crisper in a closed container/bag. Anything that gets a little wilty like that, I like to put in water to rehydrate a little. Cut off fresh ends for better water re-entry. Works for celery, beets, carrots...

How long had you wanted to wait to use them?
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