Is there a mistake in the ingredients list of this recipe?

Is it possible that 'Amaretto Syrup' in the list of ingredients- is supposed to be 'cardamom syrup'? I ask because i'm not aware of an 'amaretto syrup' product, though of course, that could be my mistake.
recipe "Amaretto French Toast with Blood Orange/Cardamom Syrup" from Mandy Cox.

LeBec Fin


Greenstuff January 18, 2012
I think they mean Amaretto syrup, which is alcohol-free--one example is Torani,
LornaFarris January 18, 2012
I am not sure exactly what was meant for this recipe but I do know that Amaretto is almond flavored - so an almond syrup might be a good substitute!
LornaFarris January 18, 2012
P.S. I do know that there are Amaretto "coffee" syrups that you can find.
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