sausage kale soup

I am planning on making a soup with Italian sausage, kale and potatoes as the main ingredients, in chicken stock. I bought a locally made and very nice sausage but it is pretty mild, I skipped over the part about using hot Italian sausage in the soup. I was going to add some red pepper flakes to compensate, there is not a lot of other seasonings in the soup. Would you suggest anything else to compensate? I have fennels seeds also which always seem classic Italian sausage to me but do not seem to be incorporated in the sausage I purchased.



inpatskitchen March 2, 2017
I add red pepper flakes to my version of the soup. If your sausage doesn't appear to have fennel and you like the flavor, I suggest grinding the seeds before adding them. Here's the one I make with a sweet fennel sausage:
Smaug March 2, 2017
I believe fennel is only used in sweet sausage. Not a fan of Italian sausage myself- not really on topic, but are you familiar with Portuguese Caldo Verde? What comes to mind when you mention Kale/sausage soup- of course to make it you need to find decent linguica- not easy, but Spanish Table usually has some good stuff.
caninechef March 2, 2017
I actually have some Gaspar's Linguica in the freezer because it was on a "managers special" to get it sold. I have no idea as to the quality of same.

I am not familiar with Caldo Verde but maybe will give it a try next time. I am new to soup making but am currently trying to supply myself with more bring from home lunches.
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