How to store Dried Hot/Sweet Soppressata

I bought some hot and sweet soppressata/ dry Italian sausage from Emily's Pork Store in Williamsburg, now I'm curious how I can store this at home. Should I refrigerate it in it's original paper or leave out at room temp in a zip lock bag?

James Durazzo


pierino September 7, 2012
Yes, refrigerate. This is a softer, not fully cured, sausage. In fact,depending on who is making it, it can be almost spreadable in texture.
James D. September 6, 2012
Cannizzo September 6, 2012
I would refrigerated in the original paper in a ziplock bag like wine at should be stored at a certain tempature unless you have at meat cellar the refrigerator is your best place
chef O. September 6, 2012
Depends... If its sliced keep in paper in a zip lock bag. If its whole just the paper.
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