I am using gelatin for a meatloaf. Can I combine gelatin with red wine for the meat mixure?

  • Posted by: KKool
  • January 21, 2012


boulangere January 21, 2012
NO! Please don't dissolve the gelatin in the wine, if that's what you were asking. The acid will compromise the protein structure of the gelatin and I'm afraid, therefore, it's ability to absorb and retain the moisture that it's there to hold. Bloom it in cold water first.
Sam1148 January 21, 2012
Thanks! That would have been my concern also, but did not know for sure. But I do know if you're not using veal for a meatloaf the gelatin trick is a keeper.
Amanda H. January 21, 2012
Just wondering why you're using gelatin -- I've never heard of doing that. Does the gelatin replace the egg? And when you ask about combining it with the red wine, are you asking if you can use the red wine to soften the gelatin? If so, I'd use water and add the red wine separately.
Sam1148 January 21, 2012
It's a America's Test Kitchen tip. It's used for when you're making an all beef meat loaf. It replaces moisture from the fat of a pork/veal/beef blend. You still use one egg tho, it's more for holding in moisture.
I use that tip all the time now, and it works perfectly and the left overs are still moist and hold up to freezing well.

I would think you could mix it in the wine, unless the acid in the wine would throw it off-- but don't think so. I think the ratio used in the CI recipe was 1/2 cup liquid (stock in that case) to 1/2 tsp gelatin. I will sometimes even up to 1tsp gelatin. That's liquid is mixed with the veggie and cracker crumb mix and then the meat is added and mixed.

I also use this for meatballs, and OMG Ground chicken or poultry for burgers. The poultry benefits a lot with the addition.
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