What Can I Do With Leftover Red Wine?

Lent season started I gave up wine and meat for 50 days



Travelingfool August 23, 2020
Make red cabbage for anyone who did not give up red wine. How about marinating from stew beef or fruit and freezing it?
SwoonMySpoon March 9, 2011
Make ice cubes out it and then use the ice cubes (post-Lent) in sauces, soups, deglazing, and so on.
brandon March 9, 2011
use it to deglaze the pan for a minute sauce next time you pan roast meat or veggies. add it to a stew. reduce by a third and use it for a vinaigrette, marinate protein in it. make sangria, poach some pears and serve warm with bleu cheese, make a gelatin with strawberries.
Helen's A. March 9, 2011
It might be a true test of character, but you could just make a recipe with the wine and meat that would also freeze well. A stew or ragu... It would be a very nice reward after Easter.
prettyPeas March 8, 2011
If I weren't eating meat for a while either, I'd reduce it and then freeze it for sauces once meat comes back into rotation.
boulangere March 8, 2011
Terribly sorry, pauljoseph, I skipped right over the fine print of your question. Maybe give it to a nice neighbor.
boulangere March 8, 2011
Excuse me for overstating the obvious, but why not pour a glass?
Panfusine March 8, 2011
after Easter of course!
Panfusine March 8, 2011
1. use it for vegetables like tomatoes that call for alcohol to release characteristic flavors which may not be water soluble.
2. Make Mulled wine!
cookbookchick March 8, 2011
Save it in the fridge or the freezer to add to a ragu or a stew after Easter!
hardlikearmour March 8, 2011
Maybe you could make vinegar.
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