Can I use rosé instead of red wine?

I am making a bolognese sauce and do not have red wine, but I do have a bottle of rosé. Can I use that instead of red wine?

  • Posted by: Alisha
  • December 19, 2018


Merrill S. December 19, 2018
I use rosé often in my cooking -- there are many wonderful fruity but dry varieties that work really well in tomato-based dishes!
C S. December 19, 2018
Smaug, I disagree there are a lot of dry rosés on the shelves these days.
Smaug December 19, 2018
I stand corrected- I still cook with wine but I stopped drinking 30 years ago, I'm not really up on what's new.
Smaug December 19, 2018
Many people (including the fabulous Marcella Hazan) use white; I think that would be a better choice. Rose tends to be very sweet, but modern tomatoes tend not to be, so it would probably be OK in moderation.
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