A question about a recipe: Blood Oranges with Gran Mariner and Sorbet

I have a question about the recipe "Blood Oranges with Gran Mariner and Sorbet" from Federico_.



Federico_ January 22, 2012
Whoops...the changes now appear. As the late Gilda Radner used to say, "Nevermind."
Federico_ January 22, 2012
I guess I'm having trouble with this site today. I've been trying to edit this recipe I just posted, but when I do, the changes I make don't appear in the recipe. Now I started posting this as a question here and it posted before I had finished the question. Anyway, the recipe has an additional ingredient: 1 pint of Orange Sorbet (preferably blood orange, which you can get at Whole Foods) and it should have an additional sentence after "Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar: "Top with one scoop of orange sorbet."
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