Birthday suggestions

A good friend of mine has a birthday coming up. She literally has everything. The one thing I've been able to give her over the years that she doesn't already have is an incredible cake or dessert for her birthday. I was hoping to get some suggestions for either a chocolate peanut butter dessert or a boston cream dessert. I'm hoping to find something where the measurements are weighed. Any favorites you could suggest?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • January 22, 2012


hardlikearmour January 22, 2012
You could combine the 2 ideas by making a chocolate layer cake with a peanut butter mousse filling topped with chocolate ganache, and maybe sprinkled with chopped roasted and salted peanuts. The Joy of Cooking has a recipe for peanut butter pie that is outstanding, and I've used it as described between layers of chocolate butter cake (Cake Bible recipe.) Message me if you want me to send you the recipes.
SKK January 22, 2012
Hey skittle - your friend is blessed to have you as a friend. Came across this recipe today in the Seattle Times for peanut butter fudge.
Sorry, no weights just regular old tsp and tbsp and cups.

lorigoldsby January 22, 2012
I'm sure she values your friendship! I also do this for a good friend of mine...I like Boulangere's chocolate cake or Jennifer Perillos chocolate peanut butter pie for Mikey
Amanda H. January 22, 2012
This one fits all but one of your requirements, and it's delicious! Hope, if nothing else, it inspires some other good ideas:
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