Salt Block

Looking for delicious recipes using a salt block, either cold or hot recipes

  • Posted by: Nan
  • March 8, 2015


hardlikearmour March 8, 2015
I've got Bitterman's Salt Block Cooking book. It contains recipes for serving, curing, warming, cooking, and chilling on salt blocks. If you narrow down what you're looking for I could potentially send you a recipe or two. Message me if you're interested.
Nan March 8, 2015
anything with seafood
hardlikearmour March 10, 2015
Click on my profile, then click the envelope icon to send me your email address. That way I can more easily send you the recipes for Salt Crust Scallops with Thai Lime Dipping Sauce and Salt Block Ceviche of Scallops, Snapper, and Shrimp.
Pegeen March 8, 2015
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