How to 'top' a soft boiled egg.

I see glamor shots of perfect soft boiled eggs with the top seemingly surgically sliced. I know there are some specialized egg cutter for that, but is there alternative to a special gadget to slice the top of egg served in a egg cup? Or do I move the drimel tool to the kitchen to keep the blow torch company?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • January 25, 2012


Helen's A. January 26, 2012
You need to get an Egg Clack. Here's some info:

They are great for making a perfect cut in the shell. I love mine!
susan G. January 26, 2012
My mother loved soft boiled eggs. I think part of the appeal was the ritual: the special egg cup, the gentle tapping around the top 1/3 mark of the egg to access the tender innards... at least that's my memory of it!
bigpan January 26, 2012
I love soft eggs-in-a-cup. I cut the top with a deft whack with a knife and use a small cocktail spoon for eating
I also serve dry toast sliced into 1/4 inch widths for dunking into the yolk.
A bit of sea salt, pepper and finely chopped scallion.
SeaJambon January 25, 2012
It is a skill. My father can tap the side (all around) with the edge of his spoon, and then slice the top off (again with the edge of the spoon) before you can say "Jack's your uncle" and it looks surgical. Lots and lots of practice is all I can say. Personally, I'm not much for eggs, so have never acquired this particular skill...
Greenstuff January 25, 2012
That was worth looking for! The best pic I could find was after the fact:

As for me, I use either a knife or the side of a spoon at the breakfast table. Those cool little egg shears would be more elegant, but the standard utensils work.
pierino January 25, 2012
First I love soft boiled eggs. Second, one of the most amazing things I 've ever seen was Anita Lo on Top Chef topping an egg with one hand because that was the challenge. Myself I'd use kitchen scissors or poultry shears. After that, go to work on sea urchin.
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