Looking for info about Four Happiness Eggs Recipe. It may be like Scotch eggs?

I have a Chinese food cookbook published in 1977. The author, Madame Wong, was originally from China and was a cooking teacher in the US for many years. The book is really interesting, and the recipes are unusual and great! One that I would like to make is a Shanghai regional dish called Four Happiness Eggs. Hard boiled eggs are halved. The yolk is taken out and mixed with ground pork and seasoning. This mixture is "placed on the egg whites", coated in a seasoned cornstarch slurry, and then pan fried in a little bit of oil. A "gravy" is then made.

I've not found anything exactly like this on the internet and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this before? My particular question is whether the meat is placed specifically on top of the egg whites, or does the mixture encase the egg whites like an Asian Scotch Egg? I think it's the latter, since that is something I've definitely seen online and at restaurants. But I'm curious since cutting the eggs in half is very unusual.

  • Posted by: Mari
  • November 6, 2019


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