All I have is a mug, water and microwave. How do I cook a boiled egg?

Need to cook boiled eggs, how long in the MW?



Karen A. August 13, 2017
I got the scare of my life and lost hearing in my right ear after a co-worker tried to hard boil an egg in our microwave at work. I was talking to another co-worker and standing next to the MW when the door exploded open and then slammed shut. I spent the next 5 hours in the ER and a NO EGGS sign was posted on the MW by the president of the company.
fluttermama August 2, 2017
i soft- and hard-boil eggs in a mug of water in the microwave because i'm pressed for time and pregnant.

are these people a special kind of stupid?

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BerryBaby August 7, 2017
There are many people new to cooking even the simplest things. They come to sites for guidance and we are here to help them. BB
Mr_Vittles February 3, 2012
The Japanese have a dish called "Hot Spring Egg". Like the name would imply, it began by taking eggs and allowing them to cool slowly in a hot spring, rendering the whites cooked solid and the yolk just coagulated enough to run softly. Here is my idea: like others have suggested do not microwave the egg directly, this will only lead to disaster and waste. Others have not mentioned, but in my experience it is best to allow the eggs to rest outside the refrigerator for at least ten to fifteen minutes before cooking, this takes off the chill and lowers the chance of the egg exploded when introduced to a hot environment. Bring water to boil in the microwave, then place egg in the mug. If possible, cover the mug with a plate or book or whatever to try and keep the cooking vessel thermally stable. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. You may want to do this over the sink so that you can add more hot with experimentation. The yolk may not harden completely but with a little trial and error, I can guarantee this method will work.
robinorig February 3, 2012
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robinorig February 3, 2012
Jasper White has a method of making poached eggs in the microwave. My adaptation is to place a silicone egg cup into a Pyrex measuring cup, pour in about 2 cups cold water - enough to more than cover or, break in an egg - no shell-shocked being careful not to break the yolk. Cover with a folded paper towel & a small plastic cutting board & microwave for approx 1 MIN +54-58 seconds. The timing will depend on the strength of your microwave & the size of the egg (I use xl). You might get something between a poached & hard boiled egg. It's not a perfect method but fast & convenient. I'm not sure how Jasper White gets consistent results. I haven't tried weighing the eggs but it might be a good idea...
Ophelia January 27, 2012
I've had varying degrees of success with poaching eggs in the microwave (the trick is bringing at least 2 cups of water per egg to a rolling boil, cracking in the egg and then returning the thing to the microwave for about 30 seconds). Not really the question though.
I'm not sure if boiling eggs in the shell is a good idea in the microwave, even if you pierce the shells you will probably end up with small explosions (I've had yolks explode before in the micro). Plus if you are making more than one (which is sounds like from the question) it will probably end up being easier on the stove top.
Unless you don't have access to a stove. You might try using an electric kettle with the automatic switch jammed in the on position, stirring frequently to keep the eggs from having too much contact with the heating element. or a rice cooker (actually, that's probably not a bad idea).
sdebrango January 27, 2012
I read an article once and they suggested that you hard cook the egg out of the shell if you are going to microwave, they also suggested separating the white from the yolk. I would oil the mug add the egg white first and nuke it for maybe 30-45 seconds and check for doneness. Then do the same with the yolk. I think that they said to separate them because the white of the egg may cook quicker than the yolk. It's all a science experiment.
Niknud January 27, 2012
Hmmm....wouldn't want to boil it in the microwave with the shell on - cant see anything good happening that way. Maybe bring the water to a boil in the microwave then add the egg, cover tightly and test it out after 12 minutes or so? Not sure that little amount of water would retain enough heat to really cook it though. Might want to remove the egg and reheat the water every few minutes. Sounds like you've got some experimenting to do!
Niknud January 27, 2012
It's not going to taste like a fried egg at all but here you go: Spray the inside of your coffee mug with some cooking oil or butter. Break the egg and beat it well with a fork (if you don't it will explode all over your microwave). Add salt and pepper or whatever. Microwave, covered with a paper towel or tupperware lid. Time will depend on how powerful your microwave is. Mine take about 44 seconds.
GIOVANNI50 January 27, 2012
Thanks but I was hoping for a boiled egg that I could peel at the end. Boiling it with the water in the mug. Thoughts ?
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