Any reason I can't steam a whole frozen chicken for about 4hrs and be ok?

I know frozen is typically a no-no but I figure I'm just putting it in chili after anyway. Plus I figure I'll cheat the system and get awesomely concentrated stock afterwards.



joedevens March 19, 2012
I meant to update this a while back. In the end, it worked! I ended up after about 3 hours with a wonderfully steamed chicken and about a quart and a half of wonderfully concentrated chicken stock. The chili became cassoulet and all was good!
SallyBroff January 29, 2012
If you didn't take the "innards" out before you froze the chicken, it will have a bad taste because of the liver being inside. Put the chicken in a sinkful of tepid water and it will thaw in a couple of hours. Remove the innards then cook how you wish.
CatalunaLilith January 29, 2012
it should be food safe, as long as the steamer is powerful enough to heat the chicken to the center. but steaming won't get you allot of flavor; roasting would be much better. just put the chicken in an oven safe dish big enough to hold it and a half inch or so of water and place in the oven at 350.
KimW January 28, 2012
If it works let me know!
joedevens January 28, 2012
Will do! We're about 2.5 hours in and all seems well!
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