green chili

I want to make a vegetarian green chili for a party using 1 pound of frozen and already processed green chilies I have. Does anyone have or can help me create a recipe using this many chilies at once? It'll be a big party, so I'm thinking a full crockpot of the stuff would work perfectly.

  • Posted by: Brad
  • April 12, 2017


Nancy April 13, 2017
Brad - Smaug is entitled to his opinion (no tomatoes in classic chili), but you're the host.
Also "you pays your money, you takes your choice."
Make any recipe you like, with the tomatoes, if specified, or without if you prefer.
Two more recipes and a note on excluding tomatoes and/or beans from chili.
Smaug April 13, 2017
My opinion is not "no tomatoes in classic chili", it's that chili is not a tomato based dish, it's a chile based dish. I myself use some diced tomatoes sometimes. There is, of course, no real authority on word usage- you can use any word to mean anything you want- but it makes nonsense of the language if carried too far. The recipe in question could as easily be called "Bolognese" as chili- if you like it, no reason not to make it, but it needs it's own name. It would certainly require a huge leap to call it GREEN chili.
Nancy April 12, 2017
Here's a recipe you can use as a base and alter if you want.
Uses 8 oz canned chiles to serve 8 people, so you could use your lb of fresh chiles to make double the recipe and serve 16.
Brad April 12, 2017
Thank you! I'll make some adjustments to this, but it helps.
Smaug April 13, 2017
That's a red chili recipe, and not a good one- chili really is not a tomato based dish. I don't have a vegetarian recipe myself, though I do make a green enchilada sauce, but the essentials are tomatillos, Poblano chiles and cilantro- I'd keep looking.
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