Help! I made my chili too spicy. Is there a way to make it less spicy?

  • Posted by: JLouw
  • January 29, 2012


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If you serve it as a chili mac, over pasta, that will help to spread the heat around as well.
softpunk January 30, 2012
You need to up the fat content. In addition to serving with sour cream and cheese you can also try adding some butter or olive oil straight to the pot.
acfein January 30, 2012
Yesterday I faced the same problem. Adding tomato paste, ground coriander and/or beans will help ease the heat.

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Margaret P. January 29, 2012
It depends on how much too spicy! Somewhat too spicy can be saved with tomato paste and milk. You can use sour cream, of course, if you don't care about fat content (I'd still mix in a some tomato paste. Way too spicy doesn't have to be thrown out- freeze it in small, separate containers. The next time you make chili, add a container of the extra spicy stuff before you add additional spice- you may not need much more!
davidpdx January 29, 2012
Alas, not really, other than increasing the volume of the non-spicy ingredients to dilute the spiciness. If you don't mind the calories, serving the chili with a large dollop of sour cream (or mashed avocado) should counteract some of the perception of "heat."
jmburns January 29, 2012
The key to cooling a spicy dish is dairy. The sour cream dollup should help
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