Anyone have a recipe for "spicy peanut noodle soup". A local restaurant that specializes in northern Chinese serves it and I would love to make it myself. Its made on a vegetarian broth, probably with a chunky peanut butter, and chili paste.
Here's a pic I found on a local foodie's blog..

  • Posted by: epoch555
  • December 17, 2010
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Nancy June 26, 2017
Various recipes for spicy Thai peanut sauce can become soups if one adds a favorite broth (to desired thinness) and heats up.
Bob L. June 25, 2017
沙 爹 牛 肉 湯 粉 Phở Saté Taí Hong Kong Cafe in the Palazzo (formerly known as Zine) has the best. No place here in Atlanta that I have found serves it though. and finding the galangal and good lemongrass can be a challenge if you want to make your own.
Yummy_Mummy December 17, 2010
@nutcakes I have a few vegan recipes on my blog if you're interested. You can find them at
nutcakes December 17, 2010
I'm sure that can be modified easily to be vegan. It seems to have many of the spices that are mentioned when people mention this soup.
Yummy_Mummy December 17, 2010
Here's a nice one from epicurious. It has chicken though.

I'm going to try with Soba noodles and natural peanut butter.
nutcakes December 17, 2010
I see Spicy Noodle House is known for it. Looks delicious. You aren't the only one searching. Check this blog post:
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