Can anyone recommend a good slow cooker cookbook?

I am a slow cooker newbie. So far, I've had one stunning success (a beef stew) and one abject failure (a chicken curry). I'd like to increase my success rate but I'm not quite sure how/where to start.

  • Posted by: Felnr
  • January 30, 2012


Brain H. January 31, 2012
The Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolone is my favorite.
angiegeyser January 30, 2012
Another vote for Slow Cooker Revolution by America's Test Kitchen.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 30, 2012
I own these slow cooker cookbooks and recommend:
Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook (NYM Series) by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann
The Gourmet Slow Cooker: Simple and Sophisticated Meals from Around the World by Lynn Alley
Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Slow Cooking: Recipes and Techniques for Delicious Slow-Cooked Meals

Also agree with the Art of the Slow Cooker & ATC's Slow Cooker Revolution

Williams-Sonoma website offers tons of recipes on their website, including tips, videos and techniques.
Felnr January 31, 2012
These are great. Thank you!

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Mr_Vittles January 30, 2012
"America's Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution" is an amazing book, that is easy to use and extremely delicious.
susan G. January 30, 2012
There have been many new books for slow cookers lately, and much has been published on blogs. I would go to a good book store and page through a number, or go to a library and take some of them home. You should be guided by your taste and preferences. Here's one that I've seen a few recipes for, if you like Indian food (and this isn't for basic cooking, but the techniques will be the same). --
allans January 30, 2012
I personally tried and don't like "slow cookers". I would much rather use a Dutch oven and braise something.
I did acquire at least three "slow cooker" cookbooks and found them to be more gimmick than substance.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 30, 2012
Are you referring to the slow cooker Fix It n' Forget series? I love the slow cooker; they have come along way (ceramic insery for browning meats, temperature, precise timing, etc.) and recipes and cookbooks that use real ingredients -no canned soups or processed mixes. I use my dutch oven (usually on the weekends), but they great to make beef stews, stock/broth, short ribs, brisket, pork butt, ragus, tomato sauce, etc. Low on electricity and wonderful when you want home-made food but dont have the time.
softpunk January 30, 2012
Art of the Slow Cooker from Chronicle Books is worth adding to your collection.
CatalunaLilith January 30, 2012
as a cookbook, not really, but you can easily do a search here on food52 for slow cooker recipes, there are allot
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