Ideas for using red pepper jelly

We received a lovely jar of red pepper jelly for Christmas. Besides the classic cream-cheese-red-pepper-jelly-crackers-or-bread combination, what are some other ideas? It's pretty good -- I could just eat it out of the jar -- but it seems as though I should put it to better use!



Bevi July 20, 2017
My first foray was pouring a whole jar over a block of cream cheese, back in the late 70s. You can do that with a log of goat cheese. Also, spread a layer into a grilled cheese sandwich.
Nancy July 20, 2017
Use it with sour cream (a variation on the cream cheese) on top of potato (and/or other root vegetable) pancakes or on hashbrowns.
Nice for brunch, as a side dish for eggs.
Sara B. July 20, 2017
I enjoy a little of it with a grilled or pan broiled beef steak.
Helen's A. February 1, 2012
My husband makes PBJ's with my homemade hot pepper jelly....
Author Comment
These are great ideas. I also received red pepper jelly for the holidays, so the suggestions come at a good time. thanks!
Donnacita January 30, 2012
Is it hot or sweet? Here is a fantastic recipe from Karen barker of magnolia grill in Durham, NC:
Sam1148 January 30, 2012
I just like it on toast or english muffins.

It's also good with eggrolls or dimsum.

I like the wings idea too!
Mr_Vittles January 30, 2012
I'd suggest using it to glaze wings for a sweet and spicy style. You may want to add a little mustard and ketchup as well, just to even out the flavor.
MTMitchell January 30, 2012
Yay! All great ideas and I will be trying them all. Thanks!!!
sdebrango January 30, 2012
I made ChezSuzanne's recipe for red pepper jam and used it on merguez sandwiches with crumbled feta, and a onion and cucumber topping. It was delicious.
jmburns January 30, 2012
I have used it to glaze a pork tenderloin with great success.
debsiegel January 30, 2012
Baked brie! Spread it on top of a wheel of brie, wrap puff pastry or phyllo dough around it, and bake. Yummmmm.
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