Used too much crushed red pepper. How do I back off the burn please?

  • Posted by: Nessa
  • February 27, 2016


Kris February 28, 2016
It depends on the dish you've added it to. You can add some olive oil or yogurt. And up the salt a bit if possible. I find that very spicy foods need to and usually do have a higher salt content. If you can , add some cheese or beans or rice and toss what you've made with it.
702551 February 27, 2016
The only truly reliable method is to make an equivalent amount of the same dish without over-represented ingredient then combine the two batches. That's the only way to deal with this issue without resorting to workarounds and additives that will change the basic flavor profile of the dish in question.

This is a basic general strategy for anything flavor ingredient that is accidentally over-represented, not just crushed red pepper flakes.

Good luck.
Christiaan February 27, 2016
Depending on the flavors you have you can use lime juice or vinegar, you could sweeten it with honey or goldens syrup, or you could add sour cream or creme fraiche.
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